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Wolfen ( Power / Thrash Metal , Germany ) Interview With Frank J. Noras


Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux Metal Webzine Tunisia , For those who wouldn't know your band, a few words of introduction could be useful to help them and plug their brain on the right circuits... So you can depose it there ? Why was the name '' Wolfen '' chosen as the band’s name ?

Frank : Hello, the name '' WOLFEN ''  was chosen a long time ago, in the 1980s. There is a horror movie with the same name and it sounds cool. We loved this movie and the meaning of the title. That‘s it. It is a short name and you can sing it easily like MaidenMaidenMaiden… 

I was mighty impressed with '' Evilution '' album, I assume the response has been generally positive from other sources and what is the best quote you have read ?

Frank : It is hard to say which reaction was the best. There are so many great reactions from all over the world. Maybe that this album is for lovers of old power metal meets a new era. It shows, that we are from the past and we won‘t forget it, but we are living and celebrating this kind of metal today. We are not a copy of our heroes from the past. We are making our own kind of metal in honour to our roots.e that this album isDefinitely an album for the lovers of old power metal meets a new eraefinitely an album for the lovers of old power metal meets a new era .

Have you changed anything in terms of your recording technique between ‘Evilution’ and that of  '' Chapter IV ''  ?

Frank : No, we have been at the same studio, which was moved to another town, but we were working with Martin from gernhart studios as we did the last time.The main difference between the last two albums is, that Nico joined the band and of course he played the bass. But that is all.

Where does your inspiration comes from for the lyrics? Is there a particular subject matter you feel Disquiet deals with ?

Frank : Our singer Andreas is trying to create lyrics from all type of subjects that will touch him. So, you will find lyrics based on a book or from the history or just stories from his life. Sometimes the other members give him a subject or a story, but Andreas is creating the lyrics.

What is the concept behind Wolfen’s albums artwork ?

Frank : Well, we tried to find a cover that was catchy, not brutal, metal like, but not something like dragons and swords and this stuff. We wanted to get the wolf back in mind, but it has to be modern and not to traditional. There were several suggestions and after a lot of discussing, this was the result and we think it is a great cover.

What is your usual “ set up ” in terms of effects , amps , pickups etc., thus enabling the rich heavy sound you guys produce ?

Frank : 
The setup for the record was quiet simple. Björn and I were playing just through m
y Marshall head and old Marshall cabinet. We are playing Ibanez and NP guitars and a Frankestein strat with different pickups like Seymour Duncan, Häussel, EMG, PRS. For some effects I used a whammy pedal from digitech and a WhaWha from Vox. Nico played through his Ampeg preamp and a digital poweramp and used a FMC cabinet and he uses different Fender basses, Jazz and Precision. Holger used Sonor drums and all the other sound secrets, you will have to ask Martin from gernhart studios. This is the equipment we are using live, too.

Which bands / artists do you aspire to me like or be on level / higher terms with in your own style ?

Frank : 
We are all big fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth,Testament,Slipknot, Machine Head, Arch Enemy and you will find influences of all of them in our music. We are listening to all kinds of music, for example Andreas is a big fan of the who and I am a big ABBA fan, Nico likes this japanese stuff and so on.And all this different styles have their influence on our music. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

It’s quite refreshing to hear your music, as it doesn’t fit the “usual” categorisation that most seem to like to place upon any band or artist. How would you describe your style if at all you wish to describe of course !?

Frank : 
Somebody said, we are the missing link between power and thrash metal. Well , that sounds pretty cool and yes, we are combining elements from different types of metal like power and thrash, but also traditional metal.For us it is just METAL. We don‘t like all this categories, there is only good music or bad music. It doesn‘t matter which style it is.

Is there a band you have toured with that needs a particular mention or were just really cool with Disquiet ?

Frank : 
here have been a lot bands we played with. The tour with Grave Digger was very exciting, we love to play shows with Nitrogods and Martyr, which are very good friends of us. There are to many bands to mention.   

Is there a mission or wish list of artists to play with for the band ?

Frank : 
No, not really. Of course we are all fans of the big names, but these are just dreams. Playing with Slayer or Iron Maiden would be awesome, but I don‘ think that this will ever happen.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck! Please close the interview in any way you like ....

Frank : 
Thank you very much for asking me / us for this interview. It is always a pleasure and I hope you get the answers you were looking for.  
And always remember, the WOLFEN is gonna get you ! Stay Metal !

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama 

Review Lava Invocator : Mörk [Album] 2017

Band: Lava Invocator
Release : Mörk Album
Year: 2017
Location: Ukraine 
Genre: Black Metal 
Format : CD 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up

Ingvaar : Guitar , Vocal
Silent : Bass
Yggr :Drums


01. Awaken
02. Empyrium Et Nihil
03. Gestapofallos
04. Black Dawn
05. Dark Thunder Sky
06. Totenkampf
07. Mörk

Hailing from Ukraine "  Mörk " is the debut full-length release of Lava Invocator.
Musically on the whole Cumbeast sounds a lotold school Black Metal sounds in the " Empyrium Et Nihil " and " Gestapofallos " . And although there are some nice riffs here and there, the production is clear and the guys are rhythmically tight, on the whole it just doesn’t cut through. The tempo’s in the blastbeats are quite often just a tad too slow and just lacking conviction and aggression. The drumfills are simple and perfectly done. The admiration for the band's life duration is most definitely impressive.
So is this CD enjoyable, well yes, but only at a party when serving as background music where everyone is talking and not actually listening to the music, the moment you do the fun is over….

Bloodshed Festival 2017

Bloodshed Fest 2017 will take place at Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Netherlands on October 27-28, 2017.
DisfearInfest and Unholy Grave are among the bands that will perform at Bloodshed Fest 2017 festival.

Motocultor Festival 2017

Motocultor Festival 2017 – 3 days pass – 96 €

Motocultor Festival 2017 will take place in Saint-Nolff, France on August 18-20, 2017.
ObituarySuffocation and Primordial are among the bands that will perform at Motocultor Festival 2017.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Review Nagaarum : Homo Maleficus [Album] 2017

Band: Nagaarum
Release : Homo Maleficus Album
Year: 2017
Location: Hungary 
Genre: Black / Doom Metal , Post Rock 
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up

Nagaarum : All instruments, Vocals


01. A befalazott
02. Az elvhű
03. Vassal nevelt
04. Cipelők
05. Mens dominium
06. Dolgunk végeztével
07. Kolontár

Hungary’s Nagaarum have returned with his new full-length entitled “Homo Maleficus”. This is a Ambient Black Doom Metal One band. In this time he have honed his craft to become an undisputable Ambient Black Doom Metal  wrecking machine. This is the type of release that has the potential to become legendary. Today  Nagaarum need to sit up and take notes from this One band on how Metal is supposed to be played.

When it comes to the guitar work here, the riffs are quite and scathing with Doom influences, but still having strong roots in the style of Black  Metal. The sound is just absolutely punishing and unrelenting, and it is sure to slowly and gloriously infect your auditory senses. Be ready for some of the best riffage of 2017 as far as Ambient Metal goes. The drums are definitely performed with a passion for things old school with no obvious triggering. All you have here is straight forward, menacing pounding that gives you an idea of what the pulse and very heartbeat of this genre sounds like. The bass level is at a nice volume and underlines the riffs nicely, almost melding with them in Metallic ecstasy. When you can hear and feel the bass, you know you have the mix right. Too many bands and producers drown out this aspect of the music and totally miss out something that can add so much volume to their efforts. There is a great pattern and style where the vocals are concerned. The range is minimal but there are a few wicked screams. 

Dying Breed ( Groove Metal , U.S.A ) Interview With Josh Adkins


Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux , What is the band’s current status ?

Josh : Active. We're doing shows, at least one per month and just finished recording our first album.

What motivated you to form Dying Breed ? What did you want to achieve ?

Josh : There aren't a lot of metal or rock bands in our area. Jake (vocals) and Mike (guitar) started  putting Dying Breed together and I was in a death metal band with Mike at the time. I offered to play bass because there aren't many bassists in our area and it went from there. The only goal I have is to continue to do shows and do another album and continue to promote the scene and G.M.A.

How did you choose the name Dying Breed.  for the band ? Does it have a specific meaning for you ?

Josh : Where we're from in there wasn't really a scene when Breed was formed. There have been over the years but rock and metal seemed to be almost non-existent and the name Dying Breed just fit.

How would you describe your style ? Which were your influences then ? 

Josh : As far as genre I'd say Groove Metal or Southern metal. As a band we listen to everything from brutal Death Metal to pop. It's a pretty diverse group as far as that goes.

What's the next step for the band ?

Josh : Continue to do shows and start writing the next album. 

Which are the biggest problems that a metal band has to confront when it starts ?

Josh : One of the early issues is always scheduling. Balancing doing shows, practicing, and recording for Dying Breed with five work schedules can be difficult at times. Plus everyone's personal lives, you just have to be flexible.

Which are the changes that you bring in the Dying Breed  recording ?

Josh : The album was recorded at The Sound Den which it's owned by Travis (bass) and Mike (guitar). The songs we recorded for the album we had already been playing live so they were all structured and ready to go. For the rest of the band it was an easy process knowing that Travis and Mike were recording it because they know what the songs are supposed to sound like and they put a lot of time in making sure each one was the best it could be.

Are you a band that works based on a plan or do you confront things as they come day by day ?

Josh : Both. We have a general plan for what we'd like to achieve in the near future but you always have to leave room to be flexible. 

Do you have any new songs ? Do you plan to release an album? How will it sound ?

Josh : We're completely done recording the first album. We have two singles up on our Reverbnation page and we did a limited release for Metal in the Mountains festival Pipestem Spa. We're going to tweak it slightly and then release that as the final product.

How does a typical Dying Breed  show look like ?

Josh : We try to bring a lot of energy to our live set and it can seem chaotic at times. 

Can you tell me more about G.M.A support ?

Josh : We're extremely proud to be part of G.M.A. as a band and individuals. Three of us are currently prospecting and look forward to being a part of everything.

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Total Inferno ( Speed / Death Metal , Sweden ) Interview With Jonny Nielsen

Total Inferno is a Swedish Speed/ Heavy / Death Metal band of the old school style.
Founded in the spring of 2014 and has so far done some gigs and also participated on a compilation LP "Critical Mass Vol. 2" with the song "Speed Metal Death", which was released in January 2015 by Critical Mass Records.


Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux Webzine Tunisia ! Let’s go: What should a reader who isn’t familiar with the band know before we begin ? What would your biography look like if it was summed up to the most essential zests of citron ?

Jonny : Hello, thanx. It's raw, strait forward Metal with no bullshit about right or wrong. Basically PURE EVIL METAL FROM HELL. If you're into metal you're into TOTAL INFERNO.

Your music sounds complex , and every riffs flows quite well after another, so I guess it took quite some time to build everything ! Tell us more about it! And is there more than a decomposer in Total Inferno, or is it a Evil massive sexual orgy ?

Jonny : Thank you. It's not that complex when it comes naturally. We are probably not so different to how other bands work with their songs. Someone has a riff or an idea for a song that we then work on together in the rehearsalroom but in our case Dan is guilty of very much of the magic of our songs.

This is the usual question, but it always works quite well , How would you describe and call your music ? What are your main influences? Do you think mixing Thrash Metal with a Black Death approach and many evil samples everywhere would be nice ? It could create something new, more "spaceship" alike... But wouldn't be easy to reproduce in live conditions...?

Jonny : That's probably the thing with TOTAL INFERNO, when we do music, we do what's coming to us without thinking it's going to be innovative or oldschool etc .. When someone asks us what we're playing for kind of music, we just say PURE EVIL METAL FROM HELL. Of course, you can mix different styles of Metal, we do it all the time, but it should come naturally so that you don't mix different styles just to be "innovative". That's our opinion, anyway.

In 2015 you have released your RETURN OF EVIL CHAOS as a MCD.. What were the feedbacks ? The reactions of compulsive beer vomitors? Were you reviewed ? How many times do you rehears in a week ? Is it easy to find a decent rehearsal room and motivated musicians in Sweden ?

Jonny : The feedback and reactions to R.O.E.C were very good both from zines and the audience, which also triggered us to deliver more Stone Cold Metal to the people. We try to rehears or just hang out at least once a week. We rehears in a rehearsal room that has been around since the 70s in our city, so many good bands has been rehearsing there over the years so we haven't  had any problem to having a place  rehears

Do you often play gigs in Swede,, and how does it occur ? Is it in small bars, or is there some bigger "official" concert places for metal bands ? Is the crowd numerous during your live appearances, and are the babes sexy ? Are you able to warm them enough with your brutal Music so that some sexy gifts occur in the backroom ? 

Jonny : So far, we have only played in Sweden but have had some shameful suggestions about gigs outside the borders but we hope and believe it will come on later. The places we have previously played have been smaller bars and festivals but we have been booked for larger festivals later on this year, the audience has been in varying numbers but very devoted. The babes have been in varied qualities and numbers to, but what happens in the backrooms stays in the backrooms. 

What's the most memorable show you guys have played and where are you scheduled to hit the stage in the near future ?

Jonny : The most memorable gig is probably our very first gig we did because the feedback and the rections became very surprisingly positive. The next gig officially booked now is in Stockholm in September but who knows, much can happen before that.

What do you feel is the best & worst part about playing in a band ?

Jonny : The best part about playing in a band is to hang out with your friends and do what you like to do most  and to never grow up. The worst thing is that it's so fucking many idiots trying to fuck you over all the time.

Finaly What are the future projects for Total Inferno  ? It's the final question, you can conclude the interview......

Right now we have just entered the studio to record the next album to be released later this year, after which we will play and promote us and the new record as a fucking virus. And finally, thank you for your interest in us and be prepared for the Swedish Inferno......

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama